Grandfather of the Mountains

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Whoops! You've already paw-chased this bear.

Whoops! You've already paw-chased this membership.

Grandfather of the Mountains is a mid-length haired plush bear. His plush is a divine deep brown colour and you will also notice a marvellous mushroom coloured patch on his chest. He is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide and each one comes with his own numbered certificate tag. He has sculpted paws and hand embroidered toes, nose and mouth. He also has a gorgeous scarf accessory around his neck. Later this year, you may have seen there will be another two characters to pair with our beautiful Grandfather of the Mountains. If you have not yet seen who these may be keep your eyes peeled for Father of the Forest and Lord of the Artic. We are sure if you love Grandfather of the Mountains you will love them just as much.

Recommended for ages 3+

Bear height: 48cm / 19" / 16 Bear Paws

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