Toni and Milli

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For many years Charlie toyed with the idea of creating a bear paring that could be sold together in a set within or plush collection and finally released her idea back in 2017 when she designed four sets of wildlife bears into the In a land far far away collection. The designs were hugely popular with our collectors and as such she received a flurry of emails and letters requesting more. So she has designed two more bear pairings for the 2019 collection due to their popular demand. Big Ron & Little Ron and Milli & Toni now join this spectacular series of very special bear sets. Milli & Toni our gorgeous new sun bear pairing will arrive together. They have been inspired in design by a trip taken at Chester Zoo where Charlie and Will saw the real life Milli & Toni. This adorable pairing are both fully jointed and have flat paw pads so they can stand as well. They have been created using a deep black and honey coloured super soft plush fabrics. Dark paw pads have been added and gentle curves placed in their arms so they really can snuggle in close when posed. Their lifelike head sculpture, thick set faces and caring eyes all add to the emotion Charlie is trying to create within this range. This beautiful bear pairing is a numbered limited edition to 1500 worldwide so will arrive with a certificate of authenticity. Milli & Toni have been created using synthetic plush fabrics, they have been fully tested to meet all relevant toy safety standards in the USA, Europe and Australia and are recommended for collectors aged 3 years and above.


Bear heights: 62cm/41cm     24.5"/16"     20 Bear Paws/13 Bear Paws

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